Thoughtful planning is essential to the smooth progress of your major works. John Byers and members of the building surveying team from LBB Chartered Surveyors will be sharing some of their experience and insights and how the Property Manager can successfully fulfill their pivotal role in delivering a successful major works project.

Covering topics that include:

  • Why major works can be so contentious and how to avoid project-long arguments with everyone involved
  • Preparing for your major works – understanding what you are going to achieve and who does what
  • Setting things up right – having the right team
  • Consultation – the rules, the pitfalls
  • Managing the works – making decisions, managing the money, communication
  • Resolving disputes – and what to do when someone starts to talk about the Tribunal
  • Case study reviews – A review of two or three examples for discussion
  • Opportunity for questions and answers

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