ATED is a tax payable by companies, partnerships or trusts that own high value residential property in the UK (currently properties of a value of £2m or more).

Tax is paid on the value of the property, based on a banding system.

ATED applies to all residential properties (‘dwellings’), which includes mixed-use properties with residential parts; and includes properties ‘capable of being a dwelling’ even if they are being occupied in an alternative way.

The law requires valuations to be on an open-market, willing buyer, willing seller basis.

Our expert valuers can assist you with valuations of your property, to ensure the proper value is used when assessing the amount of tax payable. This is important as penalties can be applied by HMRC if they consider the wrong values are used.

For further information, please contact: Justin Bennett BSc (Hons) FRICS ACIArb

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